Advertising Tunnel

Inflatable Tunnels
Want to publicize a product or an action / campaign? The best way is through inflatable tunnel. Made on rubberized nylon and various dimensions, Inflatable Saturn tunnel is customized according to every need, with great ally for any disclosure, especially traveling. The Saturn creates inflatable tunnel with logo, printed or not, smooth, colorful, as the customer prefers. Make a free quote and have many advantages in hiring the services of a leading inflatable country. Made with raw material of high quality and technology, the inflatable tunnel contains in its structural composition the rubberized nylon, allowing unique finish with high strength and durability. 3D inflatable tunnel projects Let your event even more creative with inflatable tunnel, which may have applied your logo, slogans, products, etc. The inflatable tunnel is inflated with motorized fan. The Saturn specializes in solutions for inflatable tunnel developing products with digital high-standard quality so that customers get excellence in disclosure. The inflatable Saturn media services are powerful and effective tools of loyalty, for in each work the company provides high quality standard of composition and aesthetics. In inflatable tunnel area, Saturn allows the customer to view the realization of projects as planned, using 3D designs. Versatility of inflatable tunnels Not only adults, but the kids love inflatable tunnel. It is an attraction to each promotional campaign. The inflatable tunnel is made of PVC and / or nylon and may even serve as input for events, parties and others. The inflatable tunnel allows its full customization and is inflated with a fan motor (low power consumption). Saturn is the assembly, disassembly and maintenance, as well as offering options such as lighting. Besides highlighting your event, brand and / or product, the inflatable tunnel serves as an orientation tool of the public, for example at the entrances and local outlets. Recalling that Saturn also provides inflatable tunnel in its line of inflatable toys. There are also options of Inflatable Balloon, Inflatable BATECO, Promotional Inflatable, inflatable mascots, Blimps Balloon, Inflatable Toys, Roof top balloon, inflatable tents, inflatable Logos, inflatable projection screens, inflatable tents in SP, inflatable Santa Claus, Mini Inflatables