Bam Stix and Mini inflatables

Mini inflatable
Inflatable mini is with Saturn, company recognized for excellence in marketed products and its services across the country. Saturn offers standard line and customized inflatable mini as the needs of each client. The company offers inflatable mini ensuring a great value for money. The mini inflatable made by Saturn can be replicas of products, or other characters. See some of inflatable mini produced by the company and how to get the best inflatable timely. Retain customers with inflatable mini Saturn! Mini are constructed by inflatable rubberized nylon or other material, depending upon the type of inflatable, taking into account their use. Printing is fully digital, ensuring high resolution of your logo or product. The Saturn team performs inflatable mini projects in 3D. Inflatable Mini Options Beats beats is one of the options in inflatable mini line. Also known as BATECO inflatable beat beats is very used to animate twisted clubs, courts and stadiums, for example. The mini inflatables are produced in varying completely custom sizes for each project, is to serve as a gift, decoration or another as part of the campaign. The Saturn has specialized team ensures quality service in its production of mini inflatable. The company always seeks the best solutions for any Mini design inflatable, with great delivery time. Solutions mini inflatable The Saturn provides solutions in mini inflatable for events. Inflatable Mini is a maximum visual impact media. If you have a logo and want to turn it into mini inflatable for events, see Saturn. Saturn turns your idea into mini inflatable using the latest techniques and tools. Inflatable Mini are an excellent marketing strategy, makes your brand, your product is attractive at fairs, events and exhibitions. Saturn has a Department of Creation that ensures high image definition to mini inflatable, always looking for innovations in the production of inflatable. The company's shares are solutions tailored to mini inflatable advertising balloons, inflatable custom design, inflatable Santa Claus, inflatable dolls for advertising, etc. Contact us and make a budget.
Bam Stix
Inflatable BATECO for all occasions is with Saturn! The Saturn is a full-service business solutions for Inflatable Media installed in São Paulo / SP, a large shed where is concentrated all stages of the making of inflatable and inflatable generally BATECO line process. The company has specialized teams in creating building projects, layouts, templates, sewing, welding, printing, handling, and finishing. The Saturn has high technology inflatable BATECO production, Promotional Balloons, Inflatable Promotional, Custom Inflatables generally with a high quality service and commitment. Also known as beats beats / inflatable stick, inflatable BATECO is a great way of disclosure, allowing the application of your logo and / or message, becoming a functional toast and fun. Made of PVC and containing pneumatic valve with safety film to air retention, inflatable BATECO value your brand in corporate, cultural or sporting events - serving to animate twisted and also to increase events and / or shows. In Saturn you find inflatable BATECO in several sizes and colors best suited to your needs. Customization inflatable BATECO Widely used in advertising, inflatable BATECO is ideal to promote your brand or disclose their sponsors, for example. Inflatable BATECO meets the standardization of your event, your brand, and may have one or more colors. Saturn always pursuing the best solutions to its customers, given any project, always with the best value for money for propaganda events. Features inflatable BATECO Made of PVC and finished welding, inflatable BATECO receive customized with digital printing, being a modern type of personalized gift. The Saturn provides solutions tailored to your event. Inflatable BATECO features modern design and high durability as it is manufactured by top quality materials. Although the company offers a complete line of balloons for events, inflatable balloons, promotional inflatable, inflatable mascots, balloon blimps, inflatable toys, roof top balloon, inflatable tents, inflatable logos, inflatable projection screens, inflatable tents in SP, inflatable Santa Claus, mini inflatable, among others.