Characters and Inflatable Shapes

Inflatable Mascots and Characters
Inflatable mascots serve as flagship advertisements, products and events postings, and promotions. And in Saturn, inflatable mascots come to life in large structures made from high-strength materials, with excellent finish. Inflatable mascots come to life by the brands they represent and are optimal strategy for all audiences. Events and promotions are attractive and gain greater visibility with inflatable mascots, known Old Advertising aimed at creating an identity for brands. A great choice for disclosure of companies, campaigns and logos. The inflatable balloons company manufactures Saturn inflatable mascots, inflatable balloons, inflatable advertising with custom designs and size. Inflatable mascots are fully customized, considered an attractive and effective media because it attracts all age groups. Soon, inflatable mascots are excellent advertising tool because it awakens the consumer's attention to the product or logo. Still, inflatable mascots can be used in all kinds of events and local, domestic and foreign, outlets, stands, feirões, etc.
Are installed and removed easily.
Inflatable mascots print originality in disclosure Inflatable mascots print personality to the campaign of your product or company. And for even more originality, Saturn conducts ongoing research to offer the most modern tools to its customers and layouts that result in parts with excellent workmanship. The Team Saturn ensures fidelity to the project, crafting inflatable mascots produced in a special way. Inflatable mascots are made of rubberized nylon, and has full or partial print on the material (as customer request) and finished soldering. Inflatable mascots are a smart and affordable way to expose your brand, product anywhere. The Saturn manufactures many inflatable mascots, in varying sizes and shapes, meeting all the needs.
Inflatable Characters have excellent value for money
The Saturn idealizes the most varied sizes and models of inflatable mascots with your logo or promote your company. Regardless of size, inflatable mascots are easy to install and can be used at points of sale, fairs and product launches, with excellent value for money. Saturn has the technical capacity to design your pet a very attractive inflatable, made of rubberized nylon and inflated by built-in fan and printed by digital process.