Helium Blimp & Advertising Balloons

Adds style and personality in outreach events and product launches using blimps balloon. Great for disclosure, the blimps balloon is a very creative tool in the marketing strategy. The Saturn provides special projects to create balloon blimps, balloons for advertising, Inflatable Dolls for advertising, inflatable balloons in São Paulo and throughout the country. Contact and meet the service of a highly specialized team in creating, producing, blimps balloon installation and maintenance of inflatable in general. Blimps balloon is an inflatable balloon floating very used to generate maximum viewing. The balloon blimps can have multiple measures and is produced with PVC high strength and high quality materials, which ensures high strength product (product with soldering). It has fingerprint. The Saturn creates blimps balloon design with varying sizes and shapes according to the needs of its customers.
Production of blimps and Balloons
The Saturn has teams qualified for all stages of production of the balloon blimps. The blimps balloon is used in various forms and sizes, such as: air, buoys, and other towers. The Saturn manufactures blimps balloon with your logo or promote your company in special shapes according to customer need. The company produces, installs and maintenance of inflatable. Blimps balloon is inflated with air or gas Helium, fingerprint to play with maximum precision the brand and / or product, with high resolution.
Balloon blimps offers great viewing
Excellent tool to expose your brand or product, the balloon blimps can be placed everywhere. Due to its characteristics, the blimps balloon is indicated for short-term events, especially where there is a large gathering of people. Blimps balloon is widely used to disseminate institutional actions, fairs, real estate launches, etc. Are assembled and disassembled easily. The Saturn develops several blimps balloon projects in various shapes and sizes. Besides blimps balloon, Saturn creates roof top, tents, portals, replicas, mascots and other serving its clients in all their needs prioritizing the quality of its service and its line of inflatable - which ensures fidelity to the original project.