Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable costumes
On Saturn there are many possibilities in inflatable costumes, like the Hulk character and other known cartoon and world of fiction. In addition to standard models contained in the company's catalog, you can create inflatable costumes next to the Saturn team. The company has a department specializing in creating inflatable costumes and complete line of inflatable products. It is a full-service business solutions for inflatable media. Inflatable costumes are always present in the comics, with great choice for disclosure and also look for costume parties. The fantasy concept arose from the result of an experiment that Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was doing and why an accident, ended up being hit by gamma rays while trying to save a teenager. The scientist was condemned to live forever as the green gorilla, in which all people were afraid. From there, many costumes were created. See the catalog of inflatable costumes available in the Saturn, or opt for customization of inflatable costumes, which can also present your product, logo or other. The company also provides inflatable projection screens, inflatable tents in SP, inflatable Santa Claus, Mini Inflatables, inflatable balloons advertising, etc.
Creating inflatable costumes
In Saturn you choose the pattern of your inflatable fantasy with shades and various formats, printing original to the piece. Certainly, inflatable costumes of Saturn shall show you anywhere. The inflatable hulk Fantasy, for example, as well as other characters, comes with an internal air generator to cause the fancy be inflated all the time. The Saturn uses modern technology in the manufacture of inflatable costumes, the exact size as customer request. The company provides inflatable fantasies through specialized sewing services and digital printing ink jet with high definition - up to 1200 dpi. Inflatable costumes are very resistant and have high visual impact, with perfect finish. Easy to inflate and deflate the inflatable costumes can be used several times. The Saturn performs layouts in custom designs to meet all the needs of its customers in inflatable costumes. Learn about the options of inflatable costumes and choose yours!
Characteristics of inflatable costumes
The Saturn has expertise in the manufacture and distribution of inflatable costumes throughout the country. The line of inflatable costumes presents high quality and is extremely comfortable, with a light and flexible structure. Inflatable costumes are inflated with confidence. The piece is made of nylon. Very used to interact with the public, inflatable costumes are also very used to dissemination and delivery of brochures and product presentations in public parties and local, as well as characters infant, parks and other parties. Product can be stored folded without taking up much space.