Product Replicas

Inflatable replica
Specializes in developing digital projects for inflatable replicas, Saturn has expertise in creating models of inflatable replicas. The company develops projects for advertising, corporate events, etc. Saturn offers innovative services, always with the highest standard of quality, according to their needs in inflatable replicas, promotional balloons, inflatable advertising inflatable balloons, inflatable totem, inflatable portals, inflatable costumes, etc. The inflatable replicas are created and designed for all types of hype for the production of advertisements, postings, disclosure, etc. Each project inflatable replica is able to demonstrate realistically the released product or logo. Thus, the inflatable replicas have high resolution at any angle display characteristics of the object with more detailed and expressive images. The Saturn is an established company by strict quality control in production of inflatable replicas, given all US. Inflatable replicas ensure fidelity to the original model, and can have various sizes. Are made of nylon and inflated by motorcycle fans. Inflatable replicas 3D you find on Impact Inflatables!
Possibilities of inflatable replica
Inflatable replicas will cause great impact to your event, point of sale, release and / or promote your product. Pets and other inflatables are made of rubberized nylon and / or other material may be replicas of products, characters, mascots, brands and more. This is a very attractive inflatable media and high visual impact, ideal for stands, point of sale and various promotional activities. With the inflatable replicas, your product is disclosed in a differentiated and highly effective way and is viewed from a distance. The Saturn performs custom designs with the best modeling inflatable replicas. This inflatable brings originality and personality to your campaign. The company guarantees high quality standards in their inflatable replicas, to perfection and uniqueness to each piece.
Durability of inflatable replica
Made of PVC and digital printing, inflatable replicas are highly durable and resistant to time shares, and can be installed outdoors. Highlight your product, your brand through inflatable replicas, with much originality. Product inflated with motorized fan and easy to carry. The inflatable replicas are reproduced as faithfully to the original product appearance. Easy to transport and install, inflatable replicas have high durability.