Inflatable Tents and Buildings

Inflatable tents
While disclosing your company and / or product, inflatable tents serve as space, tent or booth presentation and disclosure, making any more attractive event. The inflatable tents allow greater exposure of the product and / or brand of your company, resulting in a successful advertising action. Thus, inflatable tents are ideal for use in traveling events such as parties, launches and promotional events. Also known as tent or booth, inflatable tents leave any more attractive event, showing brand, logo and products. No doubt, inflatable tents impact heavily in marketing. Saturn always looks for the best inflatable tents solutions for any project with maximum quality, delivery time and cost-effective. Inflatable tents developed in standard or custom formats The Saturn manufactures inflatable tents for any kind of promotional activity and develops in all shape and size, meeting all the needs of its customers. With digital printing, inflatable tents allow options such as lighting. Inflatable tents are a perfect option for itinerant events that require quick execution of assembly and disassembly. No metal structure, when folded, inflatable tents saw a package easy to carry. Your support is through fan motor with low power consumption. Quality of inflatable tents Inflatable tents are produced in rubberized nylon and offer maximum strength and durability, with great visual impact. Request a budget of inflatable tents without compromise and get information. Installed in São Paulo / SP, Saturn has extensive infrastructure and staff qualified to design and monitor all stages of construction of inflatable tents, from design, layouts, templates, sewing, welding, printing, handling, and finishing and, where necessary, the installation of the local material defined by the customer, anywhere in the Brazil. The Company Inflatable Saturn has high inflatable balloons production capacity in Sao Paulo, Inflatable Tent in São Paulo and other locations, and guarantees a quality service and commitment.