Totem Advertising Balloons

Totem inflável
In the Advertising balloons industry there are many different products that would help you leverage your marketing campaign even further. Inflatable Totem is one of the inflatable more used to promote your logo and / or product at an event. Inflatable Totem is great for disclosure of your product or action, and Saturn creates loyalty with your brand and products with our inflatables. Check out some of inflatable Totem custom designs created by Impact Inflatables. Actions promoted with inflatable Totem become much more attractive. Saturn uses the latest technology in 3D design to create inflatable Totem perfectly to the success of any promotional campaign. Our Inflatable Totems are tailor made to you needs and made of rubberized nylon. The company also provides inflatable balloons in SP, Balloons for advertising, custom Inflatable, Inflatable Replicas, Inflatable Tunnel, Inflatable Dolls for advertising, etc.
Características do Totem inflável
Used mainly as event indicators, the inflatable Totem can have as optional lighting. It contains built-in motor. Inflatable Totem is a great marketing tool because of the dimensions behave. It is made of rubberized nylon, with great value for money. Saturn uses the latest technology in 3D design to produce the inflatable with excellent workmanship and fidelity to the project. Inflatable totem to every country (projects, creation, installation and maintenance) Inflatable Totem is used in large-scale stands in promotional events, corporate events, product launches and other, valuing any promotional action. Saturn creates custom inflatable Totem and caters for all Brazil, with special projects ranging from initial layout through the creation and projection / finish the installation and maintenance. See the options available with the Saturn and have customized inflatable Totem. The Saturn has tailored solutions for your event, featuring inflatable Totem for any type of event. Meet the best company of inflatable balloons and has numerous possibilities to your event with inflatable balloons in Sao Paulo, inflatable portals, inflatable costumes, inflatable balloon installation and custom inflatable Project.